Our story is a sci-fi horror comedy and this project is our filmmakers dream come true. Featuring a stellar cast and awesome special-effects, we guarantee that you will have a bloody good time!


While the new, cold war is threatening the entire human existence; it suddenly gets a whole lot darker, when a dangerous alien species called «The Widows» takes advantage of the situation. These bodysnatching creatures have their own agenda.  They abduct young women in a large scale and forces men (with just the right bodysize) to be inseminated with their alien eggs!


Now our only hope lays in the hands of a few life struggling individuals. And now it’s up to amongst others a single mom, her computer geek son, her pregnant ex-man and a couple of doomsdays preppers to save the planet from the extraterrestrial threat.


THEY CAME is an original Norwegian mixed-media project from creator/director/screenwriter Martin Ødegaarden, Thomas Lunde and Espen Aukan.