They Came


In THEY CAME Norwegians face the ultimate challenge, when women start disappearing in great numbers and men get symptoms of pregnancy. They Came is a bonkers sci-fi horror comedy revolving around body snatching aliens.

Director Thomas Lunde has teamed up once again with special-effects supervisor Steinar “Effektmakeren” Kaarstein (Dead Snow 1 & 2, ABCs of Death). The pair had previously worked together on Lunde’s short film A(r)men.

They Came is a mixed-media project based on an utterly insane idea by creator Martin Ødegaarden. It’s a hybrid between film, series and an interactive game that combine both linear and non-linear storytelling.

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They Game

They Came is also a game. And we’re working hard to combine the web series with a state of the art gaming platform for alternate reality gaming. Our goal is to wipe out the boundary between the series, your experienced reality and the game with extensive use of cutting edge technology and interactivity. The game will feature both AR and VR elements.

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Be part of making cutting-edge and innovative entertainment taking interactivity to the next level. Investors will become full shareholders and for brands this a unique opportunity to contribute to the narrative and get integrated in the storyline.

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